What About Your “About” Page?

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Few things in this world are more disappointing that a blog without an About page. Many times have I been lured by links, comments, or avatars to interesting posts on interesting blogs, where I clicking on About, only to find my curiosity dashed to pieces by “This is an example page” or some other default message.

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Did Ip Man Invent the Story of Yim Wing Chun?

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Ip Man not only brought Wing Chun to Hong Kong, he also passed on a rich body of lore and legend surrounding his art.

Many of the debates in the Wing Chun world today focus on the question of lineage.  People want to know which expression of Wing Chun best captures its essential essence?  Which is truly “authentic”?  Often it is assumed that authenticity must be expressed in terms of history.  Some individuals then conclude that the branch of Wing Chun which is the oldest must the most “true.”

Needless to say this entire exercise is problematic.  There are too many undefined terms and leaps of logic in the foregoing statement to count.  Yet this sort of reasoning is what is driving a lot of the public conversation on Wing Chun these days, lacuna and all.  Side stepping the issue of “authenticity” for a moment (a topic complex enough to…

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How being a call center agent helped me become an effective online freelancer.

Awesome blog ” How being a call center agent helped me become an effective online freelancer.”

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Jumping From Call Centers To Freelancing

Being an online freelancer never gets easy, you only get used to it. – Me. 🙂

No, it really doesn’t. But I found that some skills a person needs to get a better grip of the freelancing world has already been pounded into me during my years in the BPO Industry.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that being a call center agent means you’ll be successful or you’ll get an edge over other freelancers. I just find it extremely helpful that I was able to use the skills I acquired from the BPO industry in my everyday life as an online freelancer. And if you start now, you’ll find these skills to be very handy as well.

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