Wing Chun ,Chi, and me

For years I have been looking for a Wing Chun Instructor. During my younger years kids followed a television series called The Green Hornet.We were fascinated by a young side kick of Britt Reed who was called Kato.

With simple, direct, and lightning moves Kato executed breathtaking kicks and punches . Easily dispatching two or more larger bad guys in seconds.

Little did I know that the man would be the Legendary Li Siu Long ,Little Dragon . Bruce Lee introduced for the first time Gung Fu in prime time television . This was in the late Nineteen Sixties.

Since Wing Chun was one of Bruce Lee core fighting style , I tried searching for someone who would teach me the fighting art . Finally just this year found one in the person of Sifu Jaime Cortez.

Wing Chun

Wing Chun

For years read and researched what was Wing Chun Gung Fu. The fighting art was not static . It was dynamic and flexible .Young kids , ladies and older people can learn.

During one of our regular Saturday practice sessions . I dropped by and attended one of Sifu’s Wing Chun session .I told Sifu I had to beg off because my blood pressure (BP)was hitting 180/120. ” Uh Oh not good ” I thought.

Instead Sifu Jamie instructed me to stand in front of his class and began talking about “Chi ” .

Sifu Jamie mentioned the importance MINDSET and advised me to help out in a simple demonstration.

Sifu instructed a bigger and larger guy to place his arm over my forearm. And told me to try to drag my opponent. Definitely stated in my head This is not possible.

When you are” tense and thinking about a lot of things ” Repeatedly told myself “NO WAY JOSE CAN I BUDGE this guy”

Sifu placed his forefinger at my arm advised me to close my eyes. Quietly whispered at my ear to “Empty your mind ” and “Relax” .He slowly placed his forefinger on top of my arm And blurted at my ears “Mindset”

Without hesitating… I slowly raised my arm seemingly …effortlessly and dragging my peer from left to right. Moving someone bigger and heavier than me.This literally blew me away I felt an electrified energy or surge. Felt relaxed and somehow at peace…

Whoaa!!! Learned two lessons that day. “Mindset and Believe in yourself” . Perhaps you may say this is one of the many spices of life


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