IMG00479-20151003-1616Wing Chun ,Chi, and ,Me.

By Felix Ira

For years I have been looking for a Wing Chun Instructor. Way back in 1968 my siblings and I followed the television series called the Green Hornet. Definitely awed by the Green Hornet’s sidekick named Kato.

With simple, direct, and lightning powerful moves Kato executed breathtaking kicks and punches easily dispatching larger bad guys in a few seconds.

Little did I know that the man would be identified as the Legendary Bruce Lee. The original Chinese Boxing or fighting style Wing Chun.GungFu

For four decades of I searched for a authentic Wing chun later this year finally found one Sifu of Wing the person of Sifu Jaime Cortez.

I had researched Wing Chun Gung fu which was not static It was dynamic .Even young children , ladies and older people can learn

Last Saturday I attended one of Sifu Cortez session .I had to beg off cause blood pressure (BP)was hitting 180/120, Uh Oh not good I thought,

instead Sifu Jamie instructed me to stand in front of his class and began talking about “Chi ” Sifu Jamie mentioned the importance MINDSET and stand in front of his class and advised me for a demonstration.

Sifu instructed a bigger and larger guy to place his arm over my forearm. Definitely stated that this it is not possible When you are tense and thinking about a lot of things thinking this is not possible.

Sifu placed his forefinger at my arm Advised me to close my eyes. whispered to empty my mind and Relax .Finally placed his forefinger on top of my arm And blurted at my ears :”Mindset”

Without any hesitation slowly raised my arm effortlessly and wave my peer left to right. Dragging someone bigger than me.This literally blew me away I felt an electrified energy or surge

Whoaa!!! Learned two lessons that day. “Mindset and Believe in yourself


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