Temet Nosce meaning Know Thyself.

Checked on the status of the second blog about me. Really not sure why it was never posted. Perhaps a technical glitch at my end .Or I needed to do something more?

Way back in high school we had a Geometry class. We were thought that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The question is what points should you connect?  As a avid movie buff in my younger years I have followed all  series of the Matrix Trilogy. There was one particular scene that has made a mark in my mind.

This was the first of the series where Neo played by Keanu Reeves  meets Oracle played  by Mary Alice for the first time. Oracle pointed out to Neo to look at a sign which read “Temet Nosce ” meaning “Know Thyself. ” 

A big question we often take for granted  and personally ponder in life when we need to make certain decision  that would impact our life as well as those of our love ones.

There are two ways to do this. Either you take the long way or  the quick lane . The long way is to study by your self in this case How to become a Virtual Assistant.

I was amazed how some people who  have had  few years working  experience as a Customer Service Representative  were able to dive in the myriad of the Internet Virtual World.

Opt up for the second option which is to search for a mentor.Perhaps  In my future blogs I will be talking about them. One of which I  am honored and  encountered is  Jomar Hilario of Philippine Virtual Assistant Guru . He held a Webinar a few weeks ago and interviewed Ms. Nina Mendoza  Virtual Assistant  .

What she said holds  true and I believe that anyone who is searching to become a Virtual Assistant or Work at home would shorten their respective quest. Nina follows a  Tenet which she calls her 3M.

  • MINDSET – Make up your mind  and decide to DO IT NOW .As you focus and work on your dream. You grow as BIG as your dream.
  • MENTOR – Choose a mentor who would guide and inspire you towards your chosen path. Educate yourself and get a mentor you respect. Get people who are Virtual Assistants or Working at home,
  • MIGHTY ONE- With God all things are possible -Matthew 19:26

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