OBi110 not OB One Kanobi…

This is my first encounter of OBi 110 originally my thoughts were about the character in the likes of OB One Kanobi of Star Wars.  My Dad asked me to talk the agent of our telephone service provider.

Originally I  was tasked  to assist the telephone service representative   to  configure my old man’s Outlook  desktop . For the past few weeks my Dad  had  certain issues in sending out his email  to friends and family after experiencing a really bad thunder storm.

We were able to isolate my Dad’s problem and fix the issue but before hanging up . The representative asked me if I had additional concern.

I blurted out that yup pointing out my siblings from the US were having issues calling up receiving incoming calls at our end. Okay exclaimed the agent from PLDT asking  me what I see. I pointed out we have a Medialink router connected to a Zyxel modem  and a Panasonic VOip phone and a device called OBi110.

Okay nuff said the phone representative pointed out the OBi 110 is not included in the service plan. I was advised instead to get in touch with OBtalk from the US for further assistance. End of story….

Somehow I wished I paid extra attention to my big brother who arrived last year in 2015 while he was setting up the system.

So for the next few hours I will try to figure out what’s causing the problem. Crossing my fingers ..hopefully. First things first is to read up and research about OBi110.

OBi110 Introduction to OBtalk

OBiTALK is a web portal and OBi configuration utility which helps OBi users configure devices and access applications. OBiTALK is also where users set-up a Circle of Trust which provides a means to network individuals so that calls can be made as inexpensively as possible.

Save Money

With and OBi, you have the power make and receive phone calls using VoIP services for free or at a fraction of the cost a traditional phone company would charge. From the comfort of your home phone, No Cost / Low-Cost local calls, long distance calls and even international calling are all possible. The OBi200 and OBi202 support up to four (4) VoIP services like Google Voice, RingTo, Anveo, PhonePower or a multitude of Internet telephone services. Now, you can compare the rates and get the lowest cost local and international calls with service providers of your choice. Calls to other OBi endpoints are always free via the OBiTALK network. It is easy to save money with OBi!

Premium Features

  • Works with Google Voice

  • Supports up to 4 VoIP service

  • Caller ID

  • Call forwarding

  • Call waiting

  • 3-way conference calls

  • Faxing with T.38 when supported from the connected VoIP service

  • Block anonymous calls

  • Do not disturb

  • And more…

    Perhaps I will make a write up what I find  out what is the issue. Hopefully by that time   I will figured this out.Guess that will be another story …

Obihai OBi110 Voice Service Bridge and VoIP Telephone Adapter



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