Hi My name is Felix F. B. Ira III,my friends call me Fritz. I worked in the Business Processing Outsourcing Industry for several and a half years.

I am an administrator for a group called University of the East Martial Arts Club. An organization for martial artists who practice different self defense like Karate, Judo, Arnis or Escrima , Tae Kwon Do just to name a few.

Let me park the field of Martial Arts. Instead talk about  learning and becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) Professional.

Why Virtual Assistant Business? For the past few years I have been following  Ms. Rochefele Rivera, Jomar Hilario, Ben Francia, Janet Torral,Sheila M. Davis just to name a few who have their respective niche in the Internet Industry.

Out of curiosity I managed to join some  mentors .First following their respective advise  working on assignments .Each mentor seem  to enjoy the freedom helping out others like me search  and carve their names in the Internet Digital World.

Some where along the way I got lost. I agree to the saying”Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth” Yikes , I feel for the character in Twilight Zone.Totally Lost and  not knowing why I can not seem to take off. Here I am diving in and learning from the mentors but this time working with one- Ms. Rochefele Rivera.

What is my background? I use  Wordpress to write. For Facebook I  dwell on the Business  and Marketing Aspects.  Twitter I find the tool short extremely powerful. Linkedin   check out and get in touch with people in the various Online Industry.

Change is Coming….

Last May we had selected and elected our 16th President in the person of the Honorable Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte from Davao City . His followers and supports battle Cry is “Change is Coming“.

In a way  it is difficult for change unless  the person  reflects , meditates , decides on the course of action to take for change to become a better individual and productive member of society.

For the next few days weeks and months I find it imperative to completely overhaul my system.  Frankly  I am impressed and inspired by people who ventured to the Virtual Assistant Professional Industry.  In the very words of Ms. Susan Romig Mershon or Techi Mentors . Virtual Assistant Professionals  is not a title but an Industry.

This will be my Adventure …A ventures in the World of the Virtual Assistant World.

I will tell their story. I  look forward to carve my niche  and write my story….



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